Video Editing Service – 90 Short-Form Videos



90 short-form videos.

General Information

Video editing is an increasingly popular service, particularly for short form videos with captions. We now offer this service to meet the current demand. Here’s how it works:

1) Long Form Content:

Send us your long form content, such as speaking events, podcasts, interviews, zoom calls, vlogging-type videos, etc. For optimal results, please provide a minimum of 4 hours of content. This allows us to extract valuable segments and transform them into short form videos ranging from 15 to 40 seconds.

2) Colored Captions and Emojis:

We will add colored captions to enhance the video experience. If desired, we can also incorporate emojis.

Additional Content Requirement:

In some cases, we may require more content if the available long form content does not provide enough value-based material for the desired number of short form videos. In such situations, timelines may be delayed to ensure high-quality output.

Please note: We are unable to refund or credit any funds due to insufficient long form content for creating the total number of clips.


Create and edit short-form videos for you to upload videos to TikTok, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram.


Upon receiving your form, we will edit and send you the first 5 videos within 7 days. These initial videos serve as a baseline to ensure we meet your specific requirements. After establishing the baseline, our team will send you the edited videos on a weekly basis, adhering to the quantity you have purchased.

Placing An Order

1) Order the needed package.

2) After the order, you will receive a form to fill out in 24 hours. Complete and ensure its submitted.

3) Our team will review your form and content and assign an editor.

4) The editor will reach out via email to further communication.

Have any more questions?

We strive to deliver exceptional video editing services that meet your expectations. Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any further questions or specific editing preferences. 

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