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Mindaugas Jonaitis

Hello, I am Mindaugas. Founder and CEO of Privaterise digital marketing company, lead generation consultant.

Lead Generation Specialist Mindaugas

Mindaugas Jonaitis

CEO and Owner

A little about me!

I am a real estate marketing & lead generation expert. Leveraging these strategies, our team has generated thousands of real estate leads for our clients.

I want to show You how to COPY my exact LEAD Blueprint so You can start generating a consistent flow of Real Estate Free Leads on demand!

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Creating A Compelling Hook

To get things started, we’ll break down how to create a compelling hook to attract your ideal clients & get free leads to you without spamming Facebook groups, cold emailing, or any other time-sucking prospecting tactic you’ve been taught in the past. With the right hook, it will make your dream customers actually want to work with you.


The Call To Action

What is the ideal next step? Do you want your lead to fill out a form? Send me a message? Book an appointment on your calendar? On Day 2, we’ll create your ideal Call To Action and systematize the whole process so your future clients are taking action without you needing to be present.


The Ultimate Lead Page

Now that we have your hook and call to action-ready, it’s time to create the Ultimate Lead Page even if you have 0 tech skills and don’t even know what a Lead Page is! We have several templates that are already pre-built for you that you can easily have set up by the end of today. This works even if you do not have any existing website or social media following.


The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

By day 4, we have the core pieces in place to start generating a consistent flow of leads for your business, but if we stopped here, we’d be missing out on one of the most important pieces of converting these leads into sales… The Follow Up! They say, ‘The Fortune Is In The Follow Up’ for a reason. We’ll show you how to implement an automated email follow-up to nurture every new lead that comes from your lead page so you can build credibility, trust, and rapport on auto-pilot!


Traffic Generation (Free Methods)

Once we have the foundations of the lead machine created, we just need to drive traffic! ‘Traffic’ is the digital marketing term for getting people to your website! The more people you get to your website, the more leads you can generate! It’s all a numbers game from here. On Day 5, we’ll show you several FREE ways to leverage the top social media networks to get more people to your lead page even if you’re a total beginner and have 0 followings, to begin with. The best part?? You don’t have to spend money to get leads!


Creating Content To Maximise Leads

One of the simplest ways to get more leads is by creating content that people can find online that will bring them into your business. Now, this doesn’t mean you’re going to have to be creating content every single day, but we’ll give you a simple content plan that will be easy to follow even if you’re busy with work, school, family, and just LIFE!


The Complete UNLIMITED Free Leads & Sales Machine

You’ve done it! In just 7-days you have built a Lead Machine that will allow you to generate an UNLIMITED number of FREE leads for your real estate business. On Day 7 we’ll give you a plan of action to implement so you know exactly what to do moving forward. Once you see this lead machine working, you may want to scale things up with some paid advertising, and we’ll show you the simple next steps on how to make that happen!

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