Automotive Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Ads Case Study

Our Simple Automotive Digital Marketing Strategy

Our Client:

A small used car dealership in spearfish with a small inventory of only 39 vehicles at a time.

Client Past Results

The client was posting a lot on social media, but the posts weren’t reaching the right people.

We Changed Their Automotive Marketing Strategy:

Our laser-targeted digital ads found hot buyers in the area.

We ran Facebook & Instagram ads to build awareness & get new leads for the dealership.
We started on a fixed retainer of $4000/month.

Our Digital Ads

We set up digital ads like this one on Facebook business campaigns to find buyers to make the most out of our automotive digital marketing strategy.

Reaching To Leads Instantly

Taking Action Instantly:

We also set up automated lead campaigns that send automated text reminders, follow-ups, and more to the leads.

Tracking The Data
CRM Dashboard

Included with this service is free access to our CRM dashboard that allows you to see all the leads, communicate with them in real-time, and track the results.

Automated Followups

Leads are contacted as soon as they respond to an ad.

They are encouraged to book a free showing.

They receive automated follow-ups over several days/weeks.

When they book their showing they are sent a confirmation.

And they receive appointment reminders so they don’t forget.

Automotive Digital Marketing Strategy
Numbers & Analytics


Impressions (People Who Saw The Ads)


People Clicked Through Or Engaged With The Facebook & Instagram ADS


Total Leads Generated


Leads Viewed The Website


Hot Leads


Hot Leads Bought

12 Cars Sold

From The Facebook & Instagram Ads And Lead Campaigns


Generated In Revenue

2270% ROI

Generated From The $16,000 Automotive Digital Marketing Strategy, A Lot Of Future Clients, Brand Recognition…


For this client we helped them generate 12 sales from $16,000 contract over 4 months.
This resulted in over $363,550 in sales, a lot of future clients, increased brand recognition & followers on social media. This automotive digital marketing strategy can be replicated for other dealerships or automotive companies.

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