Monthly Google Map Ranking Service

Original price was: $2000,00.Current price is: $1000,00.

This is a Monthly Google Map Ranking Service service.

If you are a local business, this Google Map Pack service is for you! As a local business, ranking your Google My Business page should be one of your TOP PRIORITIES! Unfortunately, for most, it is an overlooked opportunity…

At our Privaterise marketing agency, we created and mastered the performance listing formula, that 99% of local businesses and agencies can not replicate.

This is the quickest and most predictable way to impact your business in a relatively short period of time.

Our Goals:

1) Conversion increases in driving directions

2) Phone calls

3) Website visits

4) Photo views

5) BUT most importantly, reviews.

We GUARANTEE to rank you in the TOP 3 GOOGLE MAPS RESULTS for your location and niche in 6 months or less. (Contact us for more information)

If you fall out of the top 3 spots (common to happen from time to time as competitors are also trying to rank) we will work to get you back into the top three results ASAP.

While SEO is a never-ending game of “cat and mouse”, the work that we do, will have long-lasting benefits for you and your Google SEO rankings.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Google Map Ranking Service

Who can qualify?

1) Local businesses

2) Must have a Verified Google My Business Listing

3) Must be an active local business

Do you really guarantee 100% to get my business in the TOP 3?

We GUARANTEE to rank you in the TOP 3 GOOGLE MAPS RESULTS for your location and niche in 6 months or less.

For businesses in highly competitive niches or locations, we may need to rank primarily for a less competitive term or location name. For example, if you are a Pizza Shop in New York, rather than “Pizza in New York” we maybe rank for “Pizza and Italian Food In the Bronx”. Depending on the location and industry, ranking may take longer. We guarantee to rank in 6 months or less, or we will work for free until we get you ranking.

If you fall out of the top 3 spots (common to happen from time to time as competitors are also trying to rank) we will work to get you back into the top three results ASAP.

Regardless of your map ranking status, you will get awesome general SEO improvements and results that will be displayed in your live dashboard – and hopefully noticed by your influx of website traffic and leads!

Please do not place the order if you have knowingly violated or still violating Google TOS.

Why do I need to buy Google Map Pack service?

1) Your business will get more clicks and organic leads: the top three search results on receive 75% of clicks.

2) Local results always show in the top off organic results: you will get better SEO!

3) Google maps dominate mobile searches: when searchers see your local business first on mobile, they’re more likely to choose you. Given that three out of four consumers who conduct a local search on a mobile device visit a business within a day, they’re also more likely to stop by your business and potentially make a purchase.

4) Showcases customer ratings: If you’ve earned a high rating, potential customers unfamiliar with your business are more likely to trust your products or services because your ratings show that customers have been happy with your work.

How to buy Google Map Pack Service?

🗸Put this service in your cart & simply purchase it! If you need more information just contact us! 

🗸 We will start processing your Google map pack order either instantly or within 24-48 hours after you have given us the necessary information;

How long does it take to deliver Google Map Pack Service?

30 business days from the day you send all the necessary information. It may differ depending upon the trouble of the category, the city, the method we use. The date below the order form is an estimated date, not guaranteed by date as Google is constantly changing but by this time please feel free to check in with us.

Important Information

Hyper-local SEO Implementation Outline:

Our Hyper-local SEO service is designed to optimize your local online presence and help you reach the first page of Google. With monthly monitoring and optimization of your Google My Business profile, you can expect exceptional results. Here’s a clear outline of what you can expect from our service:

Onboarding Process:

1) Fill out an intake form to provide us with the necessary details of your Google Business profiles.

2) We will send you an invite to Slack.

3) We’ll review the campaign and keep you updated via Slack on behalf of your order.

Google Business Profile Optimization:

🗸 We’ll configure and schedule weekly media postings for your Google Business profiles.

🗸 Monthly loom videos and reports will be provided to discuss the traffic and performance of the Google Business page.

Done With You Implementation:

🗸 Our service requires ongoing communication between you and our team members via Email or Slack messages.

🗸 We may request additional information or materials from you on a monthly basis to ensure the continued success of your Google ranking.

Our Responsibilities:

🗸Landing Page Optimization:

🗸If required, we’ll configure an optimized one-page landing page to enhance your online presence.

Google My Business Optimization:

🗸 We’ll perform ongoing local search optimization on your Google My Business profiles.

🗸 We’ll optimize a minimum of 100 photos for better visibility.

Weekly Google My Business Media Posts:

We’ll create engaging media posts focusing on local SEO and featuring photos of your business.

Marketing Infrastructure Evaluation:

We’ll evaluate your current marketing infrastructure and make recommendations for improvements.

Comprehensive Reporting:

🗸 Monthly updates will be provided on the status of your Google My Business page, including insights data and other metrics.

🗸 We’ll also provide at least 300 website backlinks with your business local information.

🗸 Additionally, we’ll create at least 10 custom local listing features to enhance your online presence.

Reputation Management and Maintenance:

🗸 We’ll monitor your reputation by tracking missed calls, review rank, photo interactions, and website visits.

🗸Our team will handle ongoing maintenance of local online reputation, including managing reviews, local listings, citations, calls, and GMB services.

🗸We’ll also manage reviews, photos, Google My Business social posts, and ensure compliance with Google profile guidelines.

🗸Our ongoing support includes optimizing your Google profiles for better search visibility.

🗸 We run heatmaps for GBP every 7 days to monitor performance for the main keywords.

🗸 We respond to reviews to increase engagement and satisfaction. 

🗸 Monthly requests for new photos will be made to keep the content fresh and appealing.

🗸 We handle technical aspects such as domains, hosting, and website maintenance.

🗸 Additional blog postings will be provided when needed for struggling accounts.

🗸Account health bi-weekly checks ensure that GBP is up to date with optimized content, categories, services, and descriptions.

🗸 In case of account suspension, we provide GBP reinstatement support.

Your Responsibilities:

To ensure smooth collaboration and optimal results, we kindly request the following:

1) Grant Access to Google My Business

2) Add the email provided on your onboarding form as a “Manager” in your clients’ Google My Business profile. (Here will be a guide on how to do it)

3) Website Access: grant us access as administrators/managers to the website builder so we can make necessary additions if required. 

4) Photo Sharing: share 100 photos of the physical location, including interior, exterior, team, clients, and services. Screenshots are not usable. 

5) Customer Information: provide an Excel or CSV file with your clients’ names, phone numbers, and emails. This will enable us to perform review campaigns via SMS and email.

6) By working together and fulfilling these responsibilities, we can deliver outstanding results and help you dominate your local search rankings.

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