Diamond Digital Ads Management Package C


Diamond Ad Package

🗸 … everything that comes in the Pro ad plan PLUS

🗸 1-2 More Copy Variations (4-6 Overall)

🗸 1-2 More Creative Variations  (4-6 Overall)

🗸 Access To 1 More Ad Platform

🗸 Video Ad Script

🗸 Daily Optimizations

🗸 Weekly Recap From Project Manager

🗸 VIP Slack Support With Team

🗸 Access To Bi-Monthly Team Calls (Every 2 Weeks)

What do we do?

We will run Facebook & Instagram (2 Locations, Offered as 1) Or Google, or Youtube, or TikTok Ads Campaigns for your business! (Check the information below to choose the best package or book a free strategy call! )

Work with the information you provide us, to run lead generation/traffic/sales campaigns to your target customer.

Primary goals:

🗸 Get Leads to claim the offer and send name/email/phone;
🗸 Drive traffic to the website, funnel, landing page;
🗸 Encourage new prospects to book an appointment online;
🗸 Get Online sales/conversions to your sales pre-existing funnel;
🗸 Get new messages from prospective customers.

Secondary goals:

🗸 Social Growth- Page likes, engagement awareness;
🗸 Video Distribution;
🗸 Promoted Posts;
🗸 Newsletter subscriptions;
🗸 Job Promotion;
🗸 Local branding campaigns;
🗸 Event promotion and much more!

Lead Generation Ads

Lead Generation ads are ads that require getting leads. This could be ads for a real estate brokerage, a law office, a dentist, a car dealership, a marketing agency, an insurance firm, etc.

They are lead-generation ads because we will be collecting the lead’s information in order to reach out to them about the services offered. Once the lead comes in we use automated SMS & email follow-up to help automatically follow up with the new prospects and encourage them towards the primary objective.

NOTE: If you are placing an order for Lead Generation you will need to add the CRM access for an additional monthly cost of $500. If you do not select that option the order will be treated as a digital ads order with no CRM access or follow-up sequences.

Ecommerce ads

Ecommerce ads are ads that lead to a page to buy a product. If you do not have a buy it now options on your website, then it will not be an eCommerce ads order.

Placing An Order

Step 1: Select the ad package that best fits your needs.

Step 2: you will then get sent over to the ad onboarding & intake process. Please fill out as quickly and as in depth as possible, as our team needs this information to get the best campaigns built out for you.

Step 3: After you have filled out the form then you will be promoted to book a “quick connect” call with our team to ensure we are all on the same page with this project. Once we have the quick connect call, our team can take it from there and build out the ad campaign.

What we will need from you:

🗸 Access to your accounts (your account manager will give you steps on how to do this).

🗸 Images/videos for the ads.


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Watch This Video To Know More About Privaterise Digital Ads Management Package C!

What is included?

Diamond Package C
Deliverables/Tasks$2,000 Month
Feature 1Stragety/Competitor
Feature 2Lead Form Creation and
Feature 3Pixel Install, Integration
and Management
Feature 4Access to Private Slack
Channel For
Feature 5Split Testing
Feature 6Custom Built Sales Funnel
& Online Page/Link
Feature 7Retargeting Campaign2
Feature 8UpdatesDaily Optimizations
Feature 9Customer SupportVIP Support
Feature 10Copywriting4-6 Variations + Video Ad Script
Feature 11Creatives4-6 Creative Variations
Feature 12Campaign ReportLive Report + Weekly Recap + Access To Bi-Monthly Calls (Every 2 Weeks)
Feature 14Ads Campaign Set Up and
Location of Ads (see below
to add more platforms to
•Facebook & Instagram (2
Locations, Offered as 1)
2 Locations
Feature 15Audiences9-11
Feature 16Primary and Secondary
2 Primary & 3 Secondary
Feature 17Ad Variations10 Creatives, 5 Primary
5 Headlines
Feature 18Ad SpendUnlimited additionally
Feature 19Add-onsLead Gen: $500.
REQUIRED: if you are selling a service. Not Needed for E-COM.
Additional Ad Location: $250
Feature 20Time frames: these can
vary based on the amount
of info we have received
• Intake forms filled -> 48 hours (of order placed)
• Quick connect call -> 72 hours (Of intake form completion)
• Campaign build out -> 72 hours (of quick connect call completion)
• Launch -> 24 hours (off build out completion)
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Important Information About Digital Ads Management Services!

What is the onboarding timeline?

Onboarding Timeline

Intake Forms Filled ->  48 Hours (Of Order Placed)

Quick Connect Call -> 72 Hours (Of Intake Form Completion)

Campaign Build Out -> 72 Hours (Of Quick Connect Call Completion)

Launch -> 24 Hours (Of Build Out Completion)

Lead Generation & Ads Management Services Checklist

I have made a strategy call with Privaterise;

I have reviewed the digital advertising onboarding form and have the answers prepared to submit;

I have gone over the expectations and I understand that there are no guarantees but Privaterise will always do their best to make the service ROI positive for me!

Ideal client

Has a Facebook page for Facebook Ads, an Instagram account for Instagram Ads, a TikTok account for TikTok Ads, and a website for Google Ads.

Has some kind of offer/promotion to run (ex. 10% off, $5 off $25, free consultation,etc)


We will not run ad campaigns for the following niches/products:

1) Nicotine / E Cigs

2) Sex Toys / Pornography

3) CBD / Hemp / THC

See more:

Google Ad Policy

Facebook and IG Policy

Who is this lead generation & ads management services for?

🗸 People with clear goals & objectives, a sellable product, and a good offer for new or existing customers;
🗸 A product that is sellable and clear!
🗸 An established brand is not a requirement but does help Businesses that know their target demographic;
🗸 Businesses that have content & assets that will help us succeed.

Who this is not for?

🗸 Business owners who want to make easy money;
🗸 Businesses who are just starting out with an unclear product & unsure about goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does custom graphics mean?

A lot of times when we are setting up ad campaigns, you will not have the best content that we can use for the ads. When this happens, we can usually pull a stock image that will help. However, with the custom graphics, one of our graphic designers will create custom ad creatives specifically tailored to you and the campaign.

Does the Lead Generation/CRM add-on include follow-up sequences?

Yes, adding the CRM add-on will also include drip campaigns and follow-up sequencing.

What about e-commerce or stores?

These ads work for e-commerce and stores. We just would not require or connect the CRM. We would likely drive traffic directly to your website/store.

How does the process work? What is the timeline?

After you submit the deal you will get an email with an onboarding form. The team will then begin working on the ads, funnels, or other parts of the campaign. If more information is needed, the team will request it via email. The team will request access to your Facebook page. The ads will be sent to you for reference and we allow up to one revision. Once ads are approved, you will get a welcome email including CRM access (if not e-commerce). You will get an account.

Is there a money back promise if the you are not happy?

The goal is to always put you in an ROI-positive range. Due to many circumstances outside of our control, we do not offer any money-back option as soon as an order is placed.

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